Food reservation system

Reserving meal system for Esfahan electrical ministration .

Reserving meal and delivery system with accounting system .

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Avaye Hamrah (Dashboard and WS)

Avaye Hamrah is a music application.

You can listen to musics , search music by title or description , watching music videos and download them or like/dislike them .

You can send dubsmashs and visiting events and concerts around your location.

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English academy (SPA dashboard)

English academy is an android application for teaching english .

All the content in the application are moderate from this SPA dashboard

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Simorgh tarabar

Simorgh tarabar is a transportation company .

With this website , they can moderate their all tasks . such as providing salary bills and emails for their drivers and also drivers can visit and print their bills with their username and passwords .

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Notifsender provides a simple interface to push notifications, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation. Notifsender goal is to democratize communication tools for everyone from individual blogs to top tier

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